Monthly Archives: August 2018

Market Roundup – Bull Run

After what felt like an interminable consolidation period for us all, bulls finally pushed bears out of the resistance/gap zone last night, triggering the start of a short squeeze – a rally in which short sellers’ stoplosses are triggered, causing a very aggressive move, something we’ve been thinking could happen for a while given the […]

News Roundup – SEC Knockback Fails to Impact Bitcoin Price

Bitcoin price holds steady despite SEC knockback on ETFs The price of Bitcoin is little moved despite a decision late on Wednesday by the US regulator not to allow rule changes that would have allowed the creation of Bitcoin exchange traded funds. The proposals from investment firms Direxion and ProShares would have been the first […]

Monday Market Roundup – Mind the Gap

So far our bottoming hypothesis is holding up. Altcoins overshot their targets somewhat, but BTC didn’t budge, maintaining that important divergence – and has been edging higher, causing altcoins to bounce hard. However we’re not quite out of the woods yet – although the BTC daily chart remains bullish, gaps in the various coins’ charts […]

Monday Market Roundup – Calling the Bottom of the Crypto Market

I believe the market may have bottomed. I’m going to make my case for this view today. One major caveat first: We are still very much in a bear market in terms of trend analysis, clearly below all of the major moving averages, so many would consider this call insane. The conservative approach (and ironically […]

Monday Market Roundup – Back to the Future

Last week’s bearish-tinged picture resolved into a clear rejection of the 50 week moving average. BTC is now uncannily mirroring May. This and a setup on the US Dollar discussed below point to lower prices for cryptocurrencies just ahead, especially for altcoins. Hoverboards at the ready, let’s take a look: Bitcoin After forming a head-and-shoulders […]