Monday Market Roundup – All Adrift

If it feels like last week’s optimism has been replaced by a degree of uncertainty as to ‘where next?’ among pundits, this is perfectly reflected in the charts; after a high volume rejection of the 200 day moving average last week, the main cryptos have been floating sideways/slowly up on low volume and decreasing momentum.

Sideways (non-trending) markets are the trickiest to chart, as they are more chaotic than trending markets – nonetheless here’s my current take:


Chart 1: Bitcoin Daily

I’m charting Coinbase today as it has a slightly clearer technical picture than the other exchanges. Last week BTC touched the 200 day moving average (red here) from below, and rejected it on extremely high volume. This is bearish action, and certainly took a lot of the wind out of the bulls’ sails. Yet, perhaps counterintuitively, the price has continued to drift upwards since.

Let’s have a look at what’s going on close-up.

Chart 2, Bitcoin 4 hour

A tale of two wedges

Last week’s top was a blow-off out of the top of a bearish ascending wedge, showing diminishing momentum as the price climbed. NB: On Coinbase the blow-off didn’t quite reach the 200 day moving average, as it did on Bitfinex.

The high volume rejection of the 200 day caused downwards momentum which was then stopped short by the 200 day exponential moving average (dotted red here – an alternative, more responsive version of the 200 day moving average often used for tech stocks).

The rebound from the 200 EMA was low energy, like the 2nd ricochet of a bullet, and has resulted in a slower-moving upwards bearish wedge across all of the markets.

So, some latent momentum upwards still remains – to be expected as sentiment doesn’t tend to turn on a dime – but it’s increasingly fading.

My feeling is that the most likely conclusion in the near term is further sideways action, scraping along between the 200 day moving average and the 200 day EMA. This is what happened in 2014 at this point, before eventually bears stepped in and pushed prices much lower.


Chart 3, Ethereum 4 hour

The dual-wedge setup is even clearer on Ethereum, complicated only by ETH having made it over its 200 day. Since BTC hasn’t – and still determines market sentiment – a big pinch of salt merited. Volume and RSI are looking non-committal.


Chart 4: Ripple 4 hour

Ripple printed a neat double top last week, which will be strong resistance when price gets there again. Similar momentum picture to BTC and ETH, so I think it’s unlikely to get that high short-term.


Chart 5: Litecoin 4 hour

Litecoin typifies the muddy waters at the moment. On the one hand we have a clear rejection of the 200 day moving average followed by a bearish ascending wedge, making this is a ‘sideways-down’ picture.

On the other hand that wedge could be interpreted as having a flat top, which would make it a more bullish pattern. This is true of a number of the other coins/charts, which are a touch ambiguous.

This ambiguity is the bulls’ best hope short-term. However, when waters have been stirred up, it can be good to return to simple truths: BTC is still under its 200 day moving average, so this remains a bear market until otherwise proven.

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