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Bitcoin Wallet

This independent guide walks you through the setup of Jaxx, a popular and free software wallet. Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin are held in wallets, which hold the public and private keys required for transactions. A wallet can take the form of a downloadable app, a piece of specialist hardware or simply a piece of paper.


Download, Install

Go to Jaxx.io and choose your preferred installation. Jaxx is free and works on iOS and Android devices, on your desktop computer and as a browser extension for Chrome.


Back It Up

Before you do anything, go to the top right menu, hit Tools,  Backup Wallet and follow the instructions. You will find a secret 12 word phrase completely unique to you. Keep this offline and safe. It is also used to sync your wallet across devices.


Choose Currencies

In the Wallets menu, choose the cryptocurrencies or tokens you intend to hold here. In the Currency menu, pick your preferred display currency. Jaxx shows you your approximate coin value in various currencies by referencing market sources like Coinmarketcap.


Send and Receive

Now that your wallet is set up and backed up, you’re ready to send and receive. Your public wallet address, which is safe to share, is the string of characters below the Receive/Send buttons. You will get a new address every time you trade but the old addresses will still be valid.



If you would like to trade out of one currency and into another, Jaxx lets you do this via partner company ShapeShift.io. Hit that sexy fox, choose your destination currency, click Shift.

Independent guide by BitcoinBro. No affiliation with Jaxx or ShapeShift.

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